I was tired of my old bed and had the desire to change it, give it a new face. The fact that I had low budjet only give me the opportunity to be creative . Here i will share with you what I did








I bought 4 wood new panels and made them look old.

I used first a sponge together with a glaze to make it darker 

Then after they were dry with a paintbrush I used off-white paint that I had already in the house. In some spots were I used by  mistake  more colour I went over with the sandpaper (100) again so that in the end I reached this kind of retro look.

The last piece of panel was cut into a form I like it ,you can leave it square or pick any shape you prefer. 








When all the panels were ready and glued, I had to restructured the bed. I removed the old headboard and the above part and I replace them with normal wood panels. 










In the end the all 4 sides of the bed has been covered with linen clothing and the end effect is just of a completly new bed.