Design Service

Welcome to all those who have a small budget but big dreams.

'Jolemani' offers you three service packages to satisfy your needs.




If you find yourself sipping at a warm cup of tea and your eyes begin to wander around the room, not recognising it anymore as a reflection of yourself, of your spirit, then Jolemani has the answer for you. The 'Aria' package offers you a consultation for a fresh pallet of colours for your rooms and a rearrangement of your already existing pieces without having to buy new ones. 'Aria' is a hint of faith in your old self, the one

who designed the room in the first place. All we offer is a quick freshening up of what is already there, of what you have already done.



 If you have become tiresome of your old furniture and would like a novel touch for your space, the 'Terra' package offers an entirely new look to suit your tastes.

From interesting and unique colouring consultancy to brand new furnishings fully available online, 'Terra' is a good step to a new beginning.



If you always felt yourself to be the unique and original type than you are in the right place. The 'Fuoco' package provides you with a complete change in settings. We hand select the finest colours along with providing you with extensive research into the hidden market gems of Berlin in order to find those special pieces that are just right for you and your home.


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